Video Works

La memoria es un pajaro project
Goutha / Video performance part of Treatise on Violence Project
Los Desaparecidos / The disappeared ones. Video Performance part of Treatise on Violence project.
Marci (Tijuana and San Diego’s ocean view, part of Parallel Planes, works about language and spanglish)
Movimiento Aparente / Apparent Movement. For video and 5.1 audio channels. (Part of Homo Mobilis series)

City Run, 6 Mexico City habitants sharing their movement pattern, followed by a GPS tracker. Part of Homo Mobilis series.
El norte que es el sur. Extract. Part of Parallel Planes project.
Fan and Lamp Dances. (video only, this video has been musicalized live by Carrie Fisher.
Tu Fuego. Electroacoustic composition for video and 4 audio channels. 9:24 min
Pretexto acustico / Acoustic Excuse. VIdeo Performance. Part of Pretexto acustico project.