Francisco Eme (1981) is originally from Mexico City and currently lives and works in San Diego, CA. Francisco is a composer, producer and multimedia artist. He mainly works with sound, but various disciplines are integrated into his practice. His work has been presented in museums, galleries and concert halls in Mexico, the United States, Europe and South America. He has released albums as a soloist, in collaborations and musical projects in various genres, mainly electroacoustic, experimental, electronic pop music. Francisco is the current Gallery Director at The FRONT Arte & Cultura, a binational art gallery in the San Diego, US – Tijuana, Mex border region, where he curates art exhibitions, workshops, concerts and performances focused on the transnational artistic life of the region, but also attentive to the international art scene.


My work is driven by a deep observation of the culture I live in, social interactions and everyday situations. I strive to start a conversation with the audience about relevant issues of our time. Art, society, technology and science merge in my practice.