Transient Memory / Memoria Pasajera


Sound – VIsual Installation, (Part of the Homo Mobilis  series)

As a frequent bus traveler, I have seen on wheels many movies and I’ve heard a lot of music on board too, I think perception is different while traveling and what we hear as we move is experienced in a more sensitive way. In this work  20 road trips  i have done to 20 cities  starting from Mexico City  are shown. This movement is recognized on a map and then represented using 20 headphones (one for each city) which were all obtained on the same trips, given by the bus companies. The sound part is constructed from 20 minutes audio excerpts obtained from movies and songs I’ve heard on board (over 40 movies and dozens of songs). The lights that run the roads  are programed according to an algorithm that represents the frequency of my trips to the different cities, plus installation darkens in relation to those times I’ve traveled by night