City Run



Audiovisual installation.

The citizen in its habitat, mobility as a necessity, as the way to earn the day, as the only option to go to school or  to see the family. We live in cities because they provide us what we need: education, health, entertainment, security. But probably there was no prediction about how big some cities would grow as it was not contemplated that a person would take two hours to get  to work from home.

This work consists on three stages:

1.Armed with a GPS tracker several citizens do their usual route while its movement is recorded in the GPS and represented as an image over a map of the city. As a result we obtained an 249km long drawing.

2.Afterwards, I move over the same routes, recording all the audio on my way.

3.Then a video  projection lets you hear and see  the movement  in fast motion. The routes marked by GPS will be represented with wiring and mapped with video projection to show the flow of movement, the sound emerging from 6 speakers represents the thoughts of the citizen while moving. Another video will follow each route using a google earth animation.