Borders of the Echo – Visualizing the Limits between Sound Art and Other Media.

Borders of the echo

Visualizing and sonorizing the limits between sound art and other media.

As a physical phenomena, sound is only air particles moving. Everything that happens between a sound and us, happens in our brain and body. The act of listening intellectually, emotionally or aesthetically is a personal and intimate experience. Each sound has a different effect on each of us. Each sound is different in a different space and moment in time: sound as a warning, as a sign of love, as a political manifesto, sound as language and culture. Sound art is not only the art of sounds, but the art of symbols and memory, the art of time & silence.

Sound art has been in constant contact with other disciplines. Sound artists have been using photography, interactivity & video, in the same way video artists, photographers, sculptors, painters and performers use sound in their pieces.

What are the borders of sound art?

Artists, in their artworks can make sounds visible, touchable, movable. Bringing them outside their sonic reality into another plane. Artist can sonorize images, actions, colors and shapes in a transduction of the visual and physical reality. But the relation between sound and visual art, sculpture, or performance is not that simple. Complex connections can occur when deconstructing the elements of a transmedia artwork. Sounds can enter our system in the shape of a text or an object, but still it is a sound. Pierre Shaeffer´s “Objet Sonore” was first described and represented in a text. The study of sounds can become evident in a very different element.

Participant Artists (in no particular order)

Carlos Castro Arias (COL)
Manuel Rocha Iturbide (MEX)
Aren Skalman (USA)
Margaret Noble (USA)
Haydeé Jiménez (MEX-USA)
Xareni Lizárraga (MEX-USA)
Jaime Lobato (MEX)
Cat Chiu Phillips(USA)
Griselda Rosas (MEX)

Performances by :

Judith Hamman, Amy Cimini, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Haydee Jimenez.