Apparent Movement



Video & 4.1  audio channels  (Part of the Homo Mobilis  series)


The apparent movement is a phenomenon of human perception in which we perceive certain objects in motion when in fact they are not moving. An example of this is the apparent motion of the sky , because what really moves is the earth in it ‘s rotation and translation movement. Another example are the lines of the road, they really do not move, thus they are painted along miles and our eyes simply walks thru them. Now I live a period of constant road trips, and the apparent movement of the road continues trapping me . The video was taken mostly with a phone camera, as there were not any planning. Whenever I discovered myself mesmerized by the apparent movement of the lines of the way, I took out the camera I had on hand and recorded .The audio is constructed using the actual audio of each video take and then processed digitally.

Video stills prints.