Dos Voces / Two voices

Photography and sound installation.

This project is a game of visual-sonic representation or how we visualize a sound and sonorize an image in our minds. This game is also about memories and what is our sonic representation of a space or a moment, according to our own experiences. In this game, you visualize an image by hearing a sound, that by the way comes from an object which should be for capturing instead of playing (microphone), and you sonorize an image that uses a sound capturing object as a subject, giving it almost human properties.

This project consists on  a series of photographs of  two microphones in different spaces and environments, exploring the way sound is represented through images in our brains. What do you hear when you see the pictures? 

The  sound captured in the spaces where photographs were taken will be processed and reproduced in the exhibition space, as a sound installation coming out from the microphones which then will serve as speakers.

beso 1

dos voces bajo el puente-1

beso 4

dos voces bajo el puente-2 Beso 2

Francisco Eme- All rights reserved 2016.